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All you need for Christmas is Cashmere

One of the most beautiful and joyful months of the year is finally here. Everything is magical, covered in white and sparkling lights. People are smiling and you can feel the holiday spirit everywhere in every moment.

In these last days of 2018 we received our 100% ECO Cashmere samples and they are amazing.
As a knitwear supplier it’s really important for us to offer our clients latest yarn and design trends. That’s why we started our ECO Cashmere experiment. This yarn is much cheaper and it looks and feels wonderful.
As we mention in previous article our favourite yarn of the year is 100% Cashmere with lurex. To be honest we had some doubts, about the final touch. We weren’t sure if the sweater is going to be soft enough with the lurex inside it, that’s why we were so happy at the end. The final result is amazing! It looks gorgeous with this beautiful sparkle and it’s perfectly soft. This sweater is light as a feather, elegant and warm. It’s perfect choice for a holiday gift.

Our Second Eco Cashmere sweater is a V neck Mouline. This 100% Cashmere sweater is amazingly soft, very comfortable and perfect for casual outfit. Our winter collection is specially created for strong, independent women who want to be stylish and feel comfortable at the same time. These two Cashmere sweaters are the perfect end of our 2019 winter collection.
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