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How to find a good knitwear supplier or manufacturer? Intertrade M

After countless hours spend on the internet searching for nice B2B platforms or selected list with European knitwear manufactures most people are finishing talking with some strange guys who are asking for huge amount of money to “manage” their profiles. Does this sound familiar? To make the situation even more suspicious when you check the Alexa traffic on these sites you see that 90% of it is from India or China, but still is for European manufacturers?!

Why is it so hard to find good and reliable suppliers or manufacturers? Is it still the exhibitions the best place to meet reliable producers? Unfortunately we don’t have the answer, but we can offer you our service. For more than 20 years Intertrade M is producing knitwear for all over Europe mainly in Germany, France and Great Britain.
We have experience with USA market and have worked with giants like Peek & Cloppenburg.

We know how hard is to find a reliable partner who can produce our garments and that’s why we offer samples development, prototypes, creating models from sketches or designs provided by you. During this pre order process our clients have enough time to get in detail about our work and we have the chance to win your trust.
Working with us is really easy only in tree steps:
• Provide us with your design or you can choose from our collections
• We are going to provide all materials needed and strictly supervise the manufacturing process
• We deliver quickly and on the time

Our office is always open to welcome our clients in person.These meetings are really important for us, to know each other and to better understand your goals and help you achieve them 🙂 !
If you have more questions regarding our work please write to us:

Wish you great day
ITM Team

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