Inside Knitwear Designer Job

No matter if you are a young designer with start-up brand or big fashion corporation creating next season collection is hard and highly responsible process where must be no mistakes. To be a knitwear designer in this process is not an easy job. You have to predict what people are going to like to wear […]

Winter Knitwear: Cosy or Stylish? from Intertrade M

Fashion trends are unpredictable. You can’t tell what will happen in future. Of course fashion returns, that’s true and if you have lived enough you will see it. But still fashion never comes the same, it returns better and more glamorous. 50-60 years ago nobody would think that every big, worldwide fashion brand will have […]

How to find a good knitwear supplier or manufacturer? Intertrade M

After countless hours spend on the internet searching for nice B2B platforms or selected list with European knitwear manufactures most people are finishing talking with some strange guys who are asking for huge amount of money to “manage” their profiles. Does this sound familiar? To make the situation even more suspicious when you check the […]

Looking for a knitwear producer? Intertrade M

Are you a fashion brand or designer with personal clothes line? Your design are ready on paper, but you don’t know how and where to produce them. We are your guys :)! Intertrade M is Bulgarian Supplier Company with more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing knitwear for Germany, France and Great Britain. We […]

Winter 2019 knitwear collection from Intertrade M

Our favourite summer is almost over ;(. That’s why here in Intertrade M we are working hard on our new winter 2019 collection! After some amazing meetings with our yarn and accessories suppliers we are ready to experiment with new wonderful viscose and wool blends. After receiving all 19/20 yarn colour cards, first sampling yarn […]

Summer 2019 knitwear trends from Intertrade M

As a knitwear supplier our main aim is to make samples, prototypes, models from sketches and designs provided by our clients. In addition we create our own collections for Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter seasons. We can make changes in our models so we can satisfy our clients’ needs. Our collections are combination of specially selected products […]

Expensive and Quality yarns from Intertrade M

classic winter sweater made by expensive limited yarn blends

In our fast-growing industrial world, pressured of low prices it’s hard to talk about expensive yarns. As a knitwear supplier we are working with huge variety of materials and we are well familiar with the differences between natural and synthetic  fibers.  With acrylic yarns  the industry has the lower price advantage, but when clients are […]