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Tips for Creating A Knitwear Collection

Every brand wants to have a successful knitwear collection. What do you need to create it? What kind of professional people are involved in this process? As a European knitwear supplier and manufacturer with more than 20 years experience in producing knitwear we can help you with some tips.

How to start a collection?

If you are a new brand you definitely need a market research. If you are new in business you need to make connection with yarn and accessories suppliers, manufacturer and final distributors. Another option is to use knitwear suppliers like us, because we can provide everything you need and manufacture your designs.

Who is going to wear your collection?

For example our collections are specially created for strong, independent women, who need to feel comfortable during the day. We have successfully combined casual and elegant styles, so we can provide our clients everything they need to feel special and beautiful. We use different blends of organic materials like cotton, wool and viscose. We are highly experienced with expensive yarns like cashmere, eco cashmere, baby alpaca, baby kid mohair and many more. For more practical clients we offer acrylic knitwear.

Creating your designs and final editing

Creating designs is really a hard and responsible job. In this process you have to constantly ask yourself a lot of questions:
• Does this model fit into your collection?
• Is it wearable?
• Is it affordable? Not only for final customers, but for you. Write approximate price on every garment, having in mind its knitting, yarn, accessories, labels, weight, packing and transport.
• Have in mind that you have around six month time between sampling your collection and start selling it. You have to be sure that yarn and accessories are going to be available after this period of time.

Sampling and development process

If you don’t have a reliable partner this can be a very tough process. No matter if it’s small or big market manufacturers, they don’t like sampling and most of them are not working with orders under 100-200 paces.
You must have in mind there is going to be a difference between your sketches and the real models.
This is a time were you have to make some compromises with your ideas, prices and things that actually can be done. Here you need strict schedule between suppliers and manufacturer, because if something is getting late probably you will not receive some of your samples.

We know that creating a knitwear collection is not an easy job. As a knitwear supplier we can provide everything for your models and produce your designs. We are very flexible and can work quantities such as 200 pcs – 300 pcs – 1.000 pcs – 5.000 pcs – 5,000+ per style.
We have very short Production Time (4-6 weeks from order confirmation date) for smaller orders and strict supervision on manufacturing process and final quality control.
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