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Inside Knitwear Designer Job

No matter if you are a young designer with start-up brand or big fashion corporation creating next season collection is hard and highly responsible process where must be no mistakes.

To be a knitwear designer in this process is not an easy job. You have to predict what people are going to like to wear in future. For example today is midsummer 2018, but you are reading for colour trends and combination for A/W 2019 or S/S 2020. It’s like constantly living in to the future. It’s hot outside, but you are covered with thousands different winter yarn blends surrounded with sketches. After countless hours you are ready and proud to show your ideas to the managers and technical guys. Actually this is the big battle moment when you have to defend your ideas and to see how they can be done, not how they can’t be done.

If you think that this was challenging actually designer job is even more complicated. It’s not enough to predict the future, you have to now the past. It’s your job to know every brand and what it has created true the years. You have to know what people like and dislike. Even when you are on a holiday you have to look what people are wearing, check different shop and brands, carefully examine every shop window. You have to be really dedicated. This knowledge, your inside voice and imagination will help you create better and better models.

Most people think that designers are extrinsic strange people, who draw futuristic designs that can‘t be worn. Actually to create designs it’s really hard and responsible job. In the process of creating your model you have to constantly think for the final cost. When you want to make something with more expensive yarn, then your design must be with simple knitting, because the final prise will actually kill your idea. If your apparel is really expensive, people want buy it, if you are not a top brand, no matter how good it is.
For example when you are making some interesting jacquard you have to know that more colours mean more yarn and heavier knitwear.
When you are creating carding never forget the extra prise for zipper or buttons.

It’s really important to have in mind the prise of yarn, because it’s not constant. For example the wool price increases a lot past weeks. Yarn supplier explains that China had bought most of it and actually there is almost nothing left on the European market.

Do you still think that to be a knit designer is an easy job? If you don’t want to deal with this long process here in Intertrade M we can offer you from our own collections S/S and A/W with ready for manufacturing models. We can always make changes so they can fit perfectly to your brand. If you have differing ideas please provide them to us and as a knitwear supplier will be happy to manufacturer them for you.
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