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For most people August is all about summer holidays, cocktails on the beach or exploring mountains. When you work on the production side of the knitwear industry summer months are for creating next year collection and completing orders for current winter season. In a few words – BUSIEST MONTHS OF THE YEAR!

Among with our knitwear supplier work, we are almost ready with new winter 2020 knitwear collection. We are going to have a closer look at it, in small series of articles and share with you our vision for upcoming season and new yarn experiments.

Through our manufacturing process the quality department of Intertrade M is personally supervising the whole production process. In our company the quality of the knitwear apparels and personal touch are very important.
That’s why the CEO himself visits all manufacturing partners in Bulgaria a few times through the year
It is important to see how our orders are going, talk with production directors and set up the plan for the new upcoming season and collections.

Most of us are used to see the ready garment at the stores and we forget how many people are working on our knit apparels. Long hours of machine knitting and confection made by dozens of people. Every production is a well organised structure with perfect symbiosis between machines and people.

We had the amazing opportunity to see one of these production places early in the morning. Still quiet, waiting for people to come and start confectioning sweaters on linking machines, adding zippers or other accessories on a hot fix press machine.

The only sound was coming from a dozen Stoll knitting machines working 24/7.

Stay tuned for more information regarding our future winter 2020 knitwear collection. If you have some questions regarding our work as supplier or manufacturer producer please contact us at

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