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#Sweater weather

Hello autumn! Is autumn your favourite season of the year? Do you like its colourful magic and slightly cool air? Are you ready to start wearing warm and cosy knitted clothes again? You can play around by adding layers or styling your outfit with beautiful accessories like knitted hats and scarfs.
As a knitwear producer Intertrade M is ready to offer you different yarns and knitted apparels. In series of small article we are going to show you beautiful sweaters and cardigans ready for manufacturing.

The classic- soft and warm sweater from Super Kid Mohair & Silk

When it’s a little crisp, a little sunny, warm enough to skip a coat, just cool enough for some cozy and soft knit apparel. If you want a sweater that feels like a warm hug every time you put it on you have to try the combination between Super Kid Mohair & Silk yarns. Knitted on 3 gauge this sweater has light and fluffy touch perfect for everyday outfit.

Make It Fancy- beautiful combination of cable knit

When it comes to this cabled sweater, you have options and they are all amazing. This fancy knitting texture is one of many we can manufacture! Beautiful and cosy combination of different yarn blends such as Viscose rayon, mohair, wool and acrylic. This design is oversize and gives you the freedom you need.

Colours- stand out of the crowd

Probably one of the biggest myths is that you can’t wear cotton in autumn. There different yarn blends that can get you warm in the cool October days. We can offer you beautiful fancy knitted sweater from 50% Cotton /50% Acrylic. This sweater has amazing touch, soft and light. The colour combination of jeans blue and white colours make it perfect for everyday outfit.
If you have any questions regarding our work, please write to us at: As knitwear supplier and producer we can manufacture knit apparels by your designs or you can choose from our collections. You can combine different accent from our models to achieve the perfect knitwear for your brand.

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