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Knitwear comes in all shapes and sizes! Knit sweaters, jumpers , cardigans, accessories like hats, gloves and scarfs are essential pieces in every wardrobe during the fall/winter season. They keep you warm and cosy, but this doesn’t mean you have to give up style ( read our article – Winter Knitwear: Cosy or Stylish). Check these amazing knitwear pieces we’ve rounded up for you this week!

In the next few lines we are going to present you three beautiful long cardigans in different styles for every taste and needs. Starting with…

Elegant and classy

This cardigan is a perfect end of your casual business outfit. Its fancy knitting, classic colour combination and silhouette can be perfectly combined with a dress, skirt or trousers. If you want to be a little bit more casual you can use a white T-shirt and blue jeans. Even in this combination this long gorgeous cardigan can give you a look to stand out of the crowd. We can manufacture this model in different colours, yarns like extra fine merino wool, viscose, cotton and many more natural and synthetic yarn blends

Warm and cosy

Winter is coming and with this long, cosy and fluffy cardigan you will be perfectly prepared to face it. This knitwear will be as a worm hug all around you through the day. The yarn blends used in it are Super Kid Mohair & Silk yarns which make it unbelievable soft. As a knitwear supplier and producer for us it is really important to test our products. To wear them, see how they feel, is this design comfortable, easy to combine and how your skin reacts to different fibres. According to our experience this cardigan has one of the best feel for a sweater and can be compared with cashmere/ wool blends.

Nature colours and casual look

During the cold fall and winter mornings, nothing feels better than wrapping yourself up in a big, long cardigan with a belt. It feels cosy and warm. For this design we have chosen a more natural colour combination of white and cream, but we added little lurex stripes to give the final sparkle glow. It can be perfectly combined with blue jeans for more casual outfit, or if you want something elegant try it with some white trousers – it will look gorgeous.

Don’t forget that Intertrade M is knitwear supplier and a producer. You can order this ready for manufacturing designs or change them the way they fit your brand. We are experts in developing samples, prototypes and models from sketches or designs provided by our clients. For more information please contact us at:

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